LIFE Magazine October 25, 1963

LIFE Magazine October 25, 1963 Yvette Mimieux


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Pg… 4 Editorials: A Great Legacy from Adenauer

Pg… 4 Editorials: A Weird Insult from Norway

Pg… 9 LIFE Guide: Monuments that have Stories to Tell; Magicians and Kosher Chinese Cookbook

Pg… 19 Terro on a Flimsy Raft: Two Men and a Woman are Set Adrift in a Shark–Filled Sea. Special Report by Bob Fellows

Pg… 29 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 30 Disaster Below the Dam: An Italian Mountain Falls Into a Reservoir and a Town Drowns. By Robert Ajemian

Pg… 42 Anyone for Prime Minister?: Tory Leaders Scramble to Succeed Macmillan

Pg… 42B Events of the Week: Konrad Adenauer Steps Down. End of a New York Newspaper. Russia's Spacelady and Cosmonaut Gagarin Tag Base in New York. Belly–Dancers Swivel in the Met's A?da

Pg… 47 The Great Jim Brown: Cleveland's Fullback, the Best Since Jim Thorpe, is Busting Up the League. By John Flynn

Pg… 50 All Out for the Quints!: Aberdeen Whoops It Up for Its Five Little Celebrities

Pg… 55 Legless Pilot Fights to Fly: Crippled Frank Ellis Takes on the Whole Navy. By David Martin

Pg… 67 Happiness Is a Going Thing: Children's Paintings Add to Peanuts' Definitions

Pg… 72 Africa's Animals in Peril: Avarice, Drought, Population Pressure assail Last Great Stronghold of Wild Game. Should We Try to Save the Animals? By Maitland A. Edey

Pg… 86B The Robin Revival: The Great Sculptor, Scorned and Neglected for Decades, is One More Popular and Esteemed

Pg… 96 'Lord of the Flies': Youngsters Act the Savage Schoolboys in Film of Golding Novel, a Gamble that Worked Almost Too Well. By Robert Wallace. Photographed for LIFE by Ken Heyman

Pg… 107 Marietta Tree, U.N. Delegate: Patrician with a Mission Represents the U.S.

Pg… 115 Sweaters Double Up: Knits Feature Two for One Wearer and One Sweater for Two

Pg… 119 Yvette Mimieux on TV: LIFE Calls on the Actress Who Takes Up Surfboarding to Act Dr. Kildare's Patient

Pg… 122 Miscellany: Cap this One, Mr. Gull

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