LIFE Magazine October 4, 1968

LIFE Magazine October 4, 1968 Sea Probe


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Pg… 4 The Presidency: Not a Candidate but a President–to–Be. By Hugh Sidey Pg… 8–14 Reviews: Book: “The Generous Years,” by Chet Huntley, Reviewed by John K. Hutchens Pg… 8–14 Reviews: Book: “The Way Things Work,” Reviewed by Christopher Lehmann–Haupt Pg… 8–14 Reviews: Movie: Paul Newman’s “Rachel, Rachel,” Reviewed by Richard Schickel Pg… 20A Letters to the Editors Pg… 20B The View from Here: A Man at Peace with the Hard Facts. By Loudon Wainwright Pg… 22 The Defiant Ancient Mariner: William Willis, a Lonely Adventurer, Loses His Last Attempt to Conquer the Sea. By Keith Wheeler Pg… 28 On the Newsfronts of the World: Russia’s Lunar Boomerang. For Birth Control, a Mass Walkout. First Down and 850 Yards to Go Pg… 36 Editorials: Common Sense for Our Loused–Up Landscape Pg… 36 Editorials: Congress and McNamara’s Bank Pg… 41 Close–Up: Easygoing Advocate of the Outrageous, Paul Krassner Says: “Take Up Music, Read a Book, Proposition a Girl?But Do It Now” Pg… 51 Art: An Eccentric Revived: John Graham, Painter of Cross–Eyed Beauties and Mystic Signs, Gains a Posthumous Fame Pg… 64 Into the Sea: Drawn by New Riches, Borne by New Machines, Man Ventures Into the World’s Last Wilderness Pg… 79 Crunch in the Churches: Protestant Ministers, Moving Deeper Into the Struggle for Human Rights, are Increasingly at Odds with Their Flocks. By Dora Jane Hamblin Pg… 86 Fashion: Gloria Vanderbilt’s “Bits and Pieces” Add Up to a Lot of Style Pg… 93 Sequel: Another Wipe–Out for Surfer Rick Grigg: He Encounters a Crusty Whale Pg… 96 Miscellany

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