LIFE Magazine September 8, 1972

LIFE Magazine September 8, 1972 Marilyn Monroe “A Look Back”


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Pg… 6 The Beat of Life: A Lion Tamer Tamed. Mark Spitz Splashes to a Gold. A Pretty Kennedy on the Court. A Father's Vietnam Memorial

Pg… 32 A New Way to Run the Big House: The Debate on Prison Reforms is Stirred by the Radical Experiment at Walla Walla. By Barry Farrell. Photographed by Bob Peterson

Pg… 42 Uppity Shoes: Stumble Your Way to High Fashion

Pg… 44 Editorials: McGovern's New Model. Who Loves the U.N.? Selective Prejudice

Pg… 47 Whatever Happened to the Peace Corps?: How a Dream Soured and Turned Into a Bureaucracy. By William A. McWhirter

Pg… 58 The Confessions of Marjoe: A Hot Gospeler Reveals How He Hustled the Word of the Lord. By Hal Wingo

Pg… 63 Consumer Watch: Making the School Bus Safer for 20 Million Kids

Pg… 64 This is the Air You Breathe: An Appalling Look at Some of the Things that are in it. Photographed by Lennart Nilsson

Pg… 71 Parting Shots: For Marilyn, a Look Back in Adoration

Pg… 14 Departments: The Presidency: The Night Those Stars Came Out. By Hugh Sidey

Pg… 17–22 Departments: Reviews: Cyclops Revisits Daytime TV

Pg… 17–22 Departments: Reviews: Richard Schickel Reports on Two More–or–Less–Liberated Movie Ladies, "Pope Joan" and "Kansas City Bomber"

Pg… 17–22 Departments: Reviews: Calvin Trillin's Acute Analysis of America, "The Large Society"

Pg… 17–22 Departments: Reviews: Dora Jane Hamblin Writes from Rome About Gardening in Italy

Pg… 24 Departments: 16 Years Ago In 'Life': Short Shorts in Detroit, a Frock in Sioux City

Pg… 29 Departments: Letters to the Editors

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