LIFE Magazine Spring-Summer 1985

LIFE Magazine Spring-Summer 1985 World War II 40 Years Later Special Issue


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Pg… 4 AMERICA AT WAR From Pearl Harbor to victory, a devastating march

Pg… 19 FIGHTIN' WORDS A guide to America's wartime lingo

Pg… 26 HEROES ALL Friend and foe stirred the world with their courage

Pg… 39 THE BIG E In the Pacific, the USS Enterprise was the war's most decorated ship

Pg… 48 THE RUSSIAN FRONT A return to the great battlegrounds of the war against Germany

Pg… 61 AMONG THEIR SOUVENIRS Intimate histories from diaries, photographs and mementos

Pg… 76 WAKE OF WAR Civilians caught in the cross fire

Pg… 85 BACK HOME Everybody was gung ho to inspire the GIs

Pg… 96 ISLAND BY ISLAND The Marianas were deadly steppingstones to Japan

Pg… 105 TOP SECRET A great invasion the A–bomb canceled

Pg… 111 PEACE AT LAST Victory for the Allies, jubilation for a weary world : THE ROAD TO PEARL HARBOR: A CHRONOLOGY? 1933 Jan 30 Adolf Hitler, Nazi Party leader, is named chancellor of Germany? March 4 Franklin D. Roosevelt is inaugurated President of the United States? 1935 Oct 3 Benito Mussolini, Italy's Fascist dictator, sends his troops to invade Ethiopia? 1936 July 18 The Spanish Civil War begins with an army rebellion against the Republican government? 1937 July 7 Japan invades China and captures Peking, Shanghai and Nanking? 1938 March 12 Hitler celebrates Germany's "reunification" with Austria? Sept 30 Neville Chamberlain proclaims "peace for our time" after Munich? Oct 24 Japanese force General and Madame Chiang? 1939 March 15 Hitler proclaims Czechoslovakia has "ceased to exist."? March 25 Madrid falls to Fascist General Francisco Franco? Aug 23 Joseph Stalin and Hitler announce a Nazi– Soviet pact? Sept 1 In a surprise attack, German armies invade neighboring Poland? Sept 3 Britain and France declare war; King George VI broadcasts? Nov 30 Soviets invade Finland in Winter War, which ends four months later? 1940 April 9 Hitler seizes Denmark in one day, invades Norway in a nine–week campaign? May 10 Nazis blitz Belgium, Luxemburg, Holland, then France? May 10 Winston Churchill becomes prime minister of Britain and forms a coalition government? May 26 The 10–day evacuation of Allied armies to England begins at Dunkirk? June 14 Hitler's armies march into Paris past the Arc de Triomphe? June 28 From London, General Charles de Gaulle leads the Free French? Sept 7 The London Blitz begins as Hitler sends bombers for 23 consecutive days? Sept 22 Japan takes more of Asia as it sends troops into French Indochina? Oct 29 FDR watches as number is drawn in first peacetime draft in U.S. history? 1941 April 6 Nazis invade Greece and Yugoslavia. Marshal Tito forms partisan army to fight German occupation? June 22 Hitler sends three million troops in a massive invasion of Russia? Aug 9 FDR and Churchill meet for the first time to issue the Atlantic Charter? Oct 16 General Hideki Tojo becomes Japan's prime minister? Dec 6 Emperor Hirohito's actions in Indochina show readiness for war. : On the cover: U.S. troops land in North Africa in 1942. From top: Pinup Betty Grable, Ike, antispy poster, Hitler, U.S. Marines raise the flag on Iwo Jima, 1945.

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