LIFE Magazine April 14, 1972

LIFE Magazine April 14, 1972 Sky-High Meat Prices


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Pg… 4 The Beat of Life: Muskie and McGovern in Wisconsin. A Stunt with Lions. Helicopters Rescue Automobiles from a Ship. Two Views of Life in the Bush. Antiwar Demonstrators in Harrisburg

Pg… 32B Meat Counter Miseries: Beset by Soaring Beef Prices, One Arizona Family Learns to Cope. Where Your Beef Dollars Go?All of Them

Pg… 42 Editorials: The Wisconsin Message. Speak Up, Republicans. Name Your Own Cabinet. Defense for Sale

Pg… 44 For Liberated Ladies, Styles to Suit: The Move is to Men's–Style Clothes

Pg… 48A Putting Ed Muskie Together Again: After Wisconsin, the Candidate Looks Ahead. By David Maxey

Pg… 53 Hustling in the Baby Business: Patrick Ryan Still Hopes to get Rich On His Jolly Jumper. By Joan Barthel. Photographed by Harry Benson

Pg… 63 Preserving the Past: A Teen–Age Staff Publishes "Foxfire" in the Georgia Hills

Pg… 68 The Single–Sculler's Search for Pain: Portrait of a Rower Who Hopes to Get to the Olympics. Photographed by Co Rentmeester. Text by Bill Bruns

Pg… 77 Parting Shots: Dilemma of an Author–Cop: the Typewriter of the Gun. By Richard Woodbury. Cristina Talks About Daddy, Jackie and Callas. A Radiant Survivor of the Hughes Hoax

Pg… 17–24 Departments: Reviews: Walter McQuade is War of Robert Venturi's Celebration of the Banal

Pg… 17–24 Departments: Reviews: Webster Schott Reviews "The Savage God," a Book About Suicide by A. Alvarez

Pg… 17–24 Departments: Reviews: Chaim Potok's Novel "My Name Is Asher Lev" is Reviewed by Melvin Maddocks

Pg… 17–24 Departments: Reviews: The New Merv Griffin TV Show is Disliked by Cyclops

Pg… 28 Departments: 33 Years Ago In 'Life': The Great Goldfish–Swallowing Story

Pg… 31 Departments: Letters to the Editors

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