LIFE Magazine April 17, 1970

LIFE Magazine April 17, 1970 Student Crusade Against Too Many People

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Pg… 32 Crusade Against Too Many People: A New Movement Challenges American Traditions by Proposing We Reduce Our Growth Rate to Zero. Photographed by Arthur Rickerby Pg… 38 Editorials: Mitchell Should Go Pg… 38 Editorials: Deserving Better Pg… 40 Castro Comes to the Surface Pg… 42 Ballet in Death Valley Pg… 46 Turkey: Golden Beaches, Rich Ruins and Low Prices Greet Travelers to an Antique Land. Photographed by Bill Ray Pg… 56 The Troubled Path to Understanding: Two Young Students Try to Find Their Way On the Path to racial Understanding. Photographed by Gordon Parks Jr. Pg… 61 The ‘Up the Organization’ Man: Robert Townsend, Corporate Heretic, Specializes in Making Management Look Silly. By William A. McWhirter Pg… 75 A New Way To Stave Off a Coronary Pg… 78 Pablo Casals, Collected and Recollected: A Splendid Exhibition of Treasures, Award and Mementos Honors the Great Cellist Pg… 4 Departments: The Presidency: The View from Minnesota. By Hugh Sidey Pg… 8 Departments: Gallery: A Leaf from P.T. Barnum’s Album Pg… 10–17 Departments: Reviews: Eudora Welty’s New Novel “Losing Battles,” Reviewed by Guy Davenport Pg… 10–17 Departments: Reviews: “The Sicilian Clan,” a French Heist Movie, Reviewed by Richard Schickel Pg… 10–17 Departments: Reviews: Studs Terkel’s Oral History of the Depression, “Hard Times,” Reviewed by Harold Clurman Pg… 24 Departments: Pictures to the Editors Pg… 28A Departments: Letters to the Editors Pg… 28B Departments: Guest Privilege: Stone Men to the Contrary, the Time to Argue is Now. By Benjamin DeMott Pg… 83 Departments: Parting Shots: “Hair” is Sprouting All Over the World. By Tom Prideaux

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