LIFE Magazine April 18, 1955

LIFE Magazine April 18, 1955 America’s Arts and Skills


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Pg… 23 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 28 Speaking of Pictures: Bands of Light Paint Contours of Human Figure

Pg… 35 Stormy Start for Farm Year: A Dust Cloud in Texas Dust Bowl Presages Another One in Congress

Pg… 40 A Look at the World's Week

Pg… 44 Royal Goodby to Greatness: Churchill Resigns as the Queen Names Eden Successor

Pg… 46 Foudal Fracas in Vietnam: Sects with Private Armies Rebel to Keep Their Old Privileges

Pg… 48 Acrobats in Overalls: Workers on World's Longest Pipeline Suspension Bridge Do an Aerial Act Over Mississippi

Pg… 50 Editorial: The Many Voices at Bandung: Asia's Babel is a Search for Harmony

Pg… 55 Suitor on the Scales: As New Rumors About Princess Margaret's Intentions Spring Up in London, Captain Townsend Wins a Race in Paris

Pg… 58 Men on a Flying Fan: A Navy–Sponsored Aircraft Gets Up by Pushing Air Down

Pg… 60 Oscar's Big Night in Color: With a Huge Television Audience Looking on, the Academy Award Ceremony Takes On New Brightness

Pg… 63 Tax Dodgers' Revolt: Pierre Poujade, a Small–Town Shopkeeper, is the Pied Piper of France's Army of Tax Delinquents

Pg… 71 Big Tug Over Nothing: Unscientific Horses Near Chicago Refuse to Duplicate a Historic Magdeburg Sphere Experiment

Pg… 79 Burbing a Sick Well: Dry Ice Technique Restores Clogged–Up Water Sources

Pg… 83 Multiple Birthday "Bawl": Twins and Triplets have a Trying Time at a Miami Party

Pg… 91 The Lasting Look of Mainbocher: American Dress Designer's Played–Down Styles Pay Off

Pg… 101 Dog Chases Porpoise: Muggsy has an Endless Quest in Florida Pool

Pg… 108 America's Arts and Skills, Part I: How the Practical World of the Colonists Produced for Use and Created Beauty

Pg… 137 "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof": New Tennessee Williams Play is Violent, Unorthodox Success on Broadway

Pg… 147 Salt Water Scramble: Bahamians Compete Furiously in Annual Regatta

Pg… 155 A Soldier's Report: "Defend Quemoy and the Matsus: is Advice of Former Korean Commander General Van Fleet from Far East

Pg… 166 Rock 'n Roll Rouses U.S.: Teen–Agers Across Country are Dancing in the Storm Center of a Controversy Over a New Song Craze

Pg… 175 Drive–In Church: Floridians Build Low–Cost, Unusual Place of Worship

Pg… 181 Curiosity in Korea: Seoul Citizens Peer at Odd Behavior of a GI

Pg… 187 Out of Heartbreak a Home: Child–Size Georgia Bowen Helps Outsize Brood to Grow Up More Happily than She Did, by William Brinkley

Pg… 202 Real–Life "Medic": In Atlanta Mother and Children Watch Father's Televised Operation

Pg… 204 Miscellany: Pheasant's Pointed Reply

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