LIFE Magazine April 19, 1943

LIFE Magazine April 19, 1943 Soldier’s Farewell


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Pg… 2 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 10 Speaking of Pictures: English Dancers Burlesque Photographer Beaton.

Pg… 14 LIFE's Reports: Two Good Friends, by Noel F. Busch

Pg… 25 Spain Shows the Fascist Post–War World.

Pg… 30 Editorial

Pg… 31 Uniformed Waves at New York Style Show Gaze at Filmy Nightie

Pg… 32 New Chicago Subway Opens

Pg… 34 Madame Chiang in Hollywood

Pg… 38 Icy Warships Put Into U. S. S. R. Ports as Winter Ends

Pg… 41 Flying Nurses Aid U. S. African Campaign

Pg… 44 Gladys Rockmore Davis

Pg… 48 Guadalcanal Shores: Aerial Photographs Show Scars of Battle

Pg… 53 Starlet–Swimmer Esther Williams.

Pg… 60 Aviation Cadets Train at Corpus Christi, Texas

Pg… 64 The Human Body

Pg… 72 General Spaatz, by Lincoln Barnett,

Pg… 86 Zorina Returns to Ballet in "Helen of Troy"

Pg… 92 LIFE Visits Pennsylvania Station in New York City,

Pg… 98 Pictures to the Editors : Cover Alfred Eisenstaedt

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