LIFE Magazine April 1981

LIFE Magazine April 1981 Meryl Streep


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Pg… 4 Editor's Note

Pg… 7 20 Years Ago Astronaut Alan Shepard. America's first man in space

Pg… 9 Camera at Work Photography gets a new trial in the courtroom

Pg… 20 Letters

Pg… 27 Portrait: Dr. Jeane Kirkpatrick Call her madam and color her tough?by John Corry

Pg… 36 Parched Land of the Dying Medics fight to save war's refugees in Somalia

Pg… 48 A New Princess of Wales Walks in Royal Footsteps by Antonia Fraser

Pg… 56 The Man with the Golden Toe Giorgio Chinaglia is U.S. soccer king?by J. D. Reed

Pg… 66 Atlanta Weeps for Its Children

Pg… 68 The Agony of the Mothers by Doris Betts

Pg… 80 Marvelous Meryl Streep She is America's finest and most enchanting actress

Pg… 86 Eleven American Poets From the elegantly wrought to random–sounding works, poetry today proliferates

Pg… 104 Fresh Glow for Fra Angelico San Marco's 400–year–old frescoes undergo a miraculous cleaning

Pg… 114 Circus Kids Their parents are the stars, but they get their share of the limelight

Pg… 122 Life Around the World In Japan. Cold Day. Warm Pope

Pg… 124 Life Around the World Caramba! It's a Coup

Pg… 126 Life Around the World A Most Fragrant Bath for Bahubali

Pg… 128 Just One More : Cover photograph by Annie Leibovitz

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