LIFE Magazine April 1982

LIFE Magazine April 1982 Gun Control


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Pg… 4 Editor's Note.

Pg… 8 The View from Here: Oh, to Be in Melbourne at Mumbai, by Loudon Wainwright.

Pg… 13 Camera at Work: All about Eve's Success.

Pg… 22 Letters.

Pg… 27 Portrait: Dr. C. Everett Koop, Warning: the Surgeon General Is a Man of Strong Convictions by Mike Mallowe

Pg… 30 Taking Aim and Handguns: a Tale of Two Cities: a Placid Suburb and a Crime–Ridden Ghetto by and Fadiman.

Pg… 38 The Starriest Night of the Year: a Gala to Beat All Galas Fills Radio City Music Hall.

Pg… 48 Was Darwin Wrong? His Explanation of Evolution Is Being Challenged by Scientists by Francis Hitching.

Pg… 54 Watery Ghosts of War: an Entire Fleet of Japanese Ships Lies Deep in the Pacific Grave.

Pg… 62 Provience: a New LIFE Series on Regional Cooking

Pg… 76 Studs of the Suds: New Matinee Idols Heat up the Small Screen Every Afternoon.

Pg… 85 The Cruel Cost of Offshore Oil: 84 Die As an Oil–Rig Platform Is Lost in the Stormy North Atlantic

Pg… 92 Treating the Emotions: Part 3: Taking Direct Action against the Minds Commonest Foe––Depression.

Pg… 100 The Village of Homemade Picassos: Instead of Graffiti, Copies of Great Art Adorned the Walls of a Small Spanish Town.

Pg… 104 LIFE Visits the Beginning (Raahh–Ther Nifty) World of the Earl of Litchfield.

Pg… 111 Life around the World: the Strange, Tragic Case of Captain Katagiri

Pg… 112 Life around the World: a Striking Encounter.

Pg… 116 Just One More. : Cover Photograph by Co–Rentmeester

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