LIFE Magazine April 1998

LIFE Magazine April 1998 Were You Born That Way / Gene Science

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Pg… 18 "THE FOUR SEASONS" panorama by photographer Frederick Charles

Pg… 38 LIFE SPECIAL: Were You Born That Way?… Gene's are not – quite – destiny. New findings in the nature vs. nurture debate photography by Karen Kuehn

Pg… 52 DISCOVERY: Universe in a Puddle… The forces of nature, abetted by human curiosity, are imperiling tidepools and the life–forms they support photography by Gary Braasch

Pg… 62 EYEWITNESS: Faith Against the Odds… From China to Guatemala, in climate of extreme intolerance, true believers persevere

Pg… 74 THE WAY WE LIVE: Starting over… With sartorial and sisterly advice, entrepreneur newer suits up low–income women for the job market photography by William Mercer McLeod.

Pg… 84 JOURNEY: The Russians Are Coming… Moscow's top brass invades a small town in Massachusetts, photography by Andy Levin

Pg… 88 PORTFOLIO: Living Blues… Legendary musicians and their admirers riff on America's most soulful art form photography by Jeff Dunas

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