LIFE Magazine April 20, 1962

LIFE Magazine April 20, 1962 Audrey Hepburn


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Pg… 30 STORY OF THE WEEK: Oh, Lovely, Gentle Bold and Foolish Spring

Pg… 4 EDITORIAL: Two Cultures Harmonized Under God

Pg… 66 COLOR SPECTACLE: The Glory Bernini Gave Rome. Photographed for LIFE by Dmitri Kessel

Pg… 102 ARTICLE OF THE WEEK: A Famous Financial Columnist Makes Common Sense of the Common Market Debate: Time for a Giant Step. By Sylvia Porter

Pg… 122 BETTER LIVING: Cape Cod Development (New Seabury) has a Place for Every Taste?and Every Taste in Its Place

Pg… 49 DEPARTMENTS: Movies: Setting Fire to Texas?Ann–Margret Scorches Through State Fair

Pg… 53 DEPARTMENTS: Sports: 200 Pounds per Perch

Pg… 88 DEPARTMENTS: Sports: A Diver's Perfect Ten–Point Landing

Pg… 59 DEPARTMENTS: Sequel: Blazing Clean–Up on Fire Island

Pg… 94 DEPARTMENTS: Television: Dr. Casey's Big Smash Spreads a TV Medicine Rash

Pg… 115 DEPARTMENTS: Fashion: Little Hit in London: Rex Harrison's Granddaughter

Pg… 15 DEPARTMENTS: Special Report: what a Camel Man Learned About Fame. By Anne Chamberlin

Pg… 19 DEPARTMENTS: LIFE GUIDE to Outdoor Easter Services and Events, Art, Dance, History, Movies, Sports, Records, Festivals

Pg… 23 DEPARTMENTS: Letters to the Editors

Pg… 128 DEPARTMENTS: Miscellany: Neither Here nor There

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