LIFE Magazine April 21, 1972

LIFE Magazine April 21, 1972 Charlie Chaplin and wife Oona


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Pg… 6 The Beat of Life: A Victim in a Gangland War is Buried in New York. Matterhorn Sunrise and a Casually Kept Botticelli. Crash of an RAF Transport

Pg… 42 Battle for Vietnam: Backed by Heavy U.S. Bombing, South Vietnam Tries to Stand Off a Huge Invasion from the North

Pg… 54 Editorials: Bombs and Silence. Plotting for the FBI. Tampering in San Diego

Pg… 58A George the Preacher's Son: South Dakota has Begun to Take McGovern's Presidential Bid Seriously. By William A. McWhirter

Pg… 68 Flow Gently, Sweet Alpha: In Search of Serenity, Hopeful Thousands Study Their Own Brain Waves. By Jane Howard

Pg… 73 The Other Doctor Salk: Lee Salk, Brother of Jonas, Takes Care of Children's Hangups and Offers Some Practical Advice

Pg… 80 A House Made from Leftovers: In San Francisco, a Homeowner Makes Liberal Use of Salvaged Materials. Photographed by John Dominis

Pg… 86 Love Feast for Charlie: After 20 Years, Chaplin Comes Back to the U.S. An Interview with Richard Meryman. Pictures and an Intimate Look at the Trip by Candice Bergen

Pg… 93 Parting Shots: Jack Anderson, Improbable New Folk Hero of the Young, by John Neary. Ingrid's Girl Grows Up.

Pg… 93 Parting Shots: Two Men Who Tried to Kill Each Other Become Middle–Aged Pals

Pg… 12 Departments: The Presidency: Crisis in a New Key. By Hugh Sidey

Pg… 16–24 Departments: Reviews: Edward Hoagland Admires Alan Gussow's "A Sense of Place: The Artist and the American Land"

Pg… 16–24 Departments: Reviews: "Sanford and Son" Draws Mild Praise from TV Critic Cyclops

Pg… 16–24 Departments: Reviews: Film Critic Richard Schickel Advises Everyone to See "The Sorrow and the Pity"

Pg… 32 Departments: 27 Years Ago In 'Life': Chief Petty Officer Graham Jackson Weeps at F.D.R.'s Death

Pg… 37 Departments: Letters to the Editors

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