LIFE Magazine April 27, 1953

LIFE Magazine April 27, 1953 Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Fashions


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Pg… 27 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: Big Exchange Gets Under Way

Pg… 32 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: A Miraculous Escape from Airplane

Pg… 32 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: Omaha's Mayor Takes to Table Tops

Pg… 33 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: Chicago has a Holocaust

Pg… 34 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: President Relights Hope for Peace

Pg… 36 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: A Lady Takes Over Newest Cabinet Post

Pg… 45 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: Button, Button, Will He Pull the Button?

Pg… 47 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: LIFE on the Newsfronts of the World

Pg… 53 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: Three Years Without Rain in North Brazil

Pg… 61 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: Cameras Aid in Crime Detection

Pg… 62 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: A Prince Gets a 10–Gallon Hat

Pg… 76 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: The Touring Trumans : EDITORIAL: A Truce with the Bear?

Pg… 125 PHOTOGRAPHIC ESSAY: Pure Liberal Arts College, Photographed for LIFE by Myron H. Davis

Pg… 92 ARTICLES: Here Comes the Queen! By A.P. Herbert, Illustrated for LIFE by Roland Emett

Pg… 145 ARTICLES: Stalin's Secrets: Part IV: The Man Himself, by Alexander Orlov

Pg… 66 FASHION: Siren Without Sequins

Pg… 70 ARCHAEOLOGY: Maya Pyramid's Secret

Pg… 79 SCIENCE: Charting Geography of the Brain

Pg… 85 MOVIES: Galahad of the West

Pg… 109 SPORTS: Jim Mathias Strives to Match His Brother Bob

Pg… 114 ART: Gems from the Greatest Collection of U.S. Coins

Pg… 137 ART: A New Venus to Rival De Milo

Pg… 1 MUSIC: Benny Goodman is Back

Pg… 13 OTHER DEPARTMENTS: Letters to the Editors

Pg… 18 OTHER DEPARTMENTS: Speaking of Pictures: Deadpan Models Learn How to Look Alive

Pg… 150 OTHER DEPARTMENTS: LIFE Goes to a Twice Royal Wedding

Pg… 154 OTHER DEPARTMENTS: Miscellany: Pride of Uttar Pradesh

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