LIFE Magazine April 7, 1972

LIFE Magazine April 7, 1972 How They Pick The Oscars / Movies


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Pg… 2B The Beat of Life: Sweatsuit Samurai. The Smallest Horse. Hearing in a Hospital. Two POWs Pg… 32B In Action with the IRA: As Britain Cancels Home Rule in Northern Ireland, the Outlaw Army Fights On. Photographed by P. Michael O’Sullivan. Text by Colin Leinster Pg… 42 Editorials: Last Chance in Ireland. The ITT Hassle Pg… 45 Cinderella on the Swingles: A One–Sided Conversation with the “Maiden” Lady, Novelist Cynthia Buchanan. By Michael Durham Pg… 46 The Oscar Game: Behind the Secrecy of the Annual Extravaganza Pg… 52 The Last Ivory Bill: A Search for the Woodpecker that is the Rarest Creature on Earth. By Don Moser. Illustrations by John Groth Pg… 65 Tonnage on the High C’s: Tenor Luciano Pavarotti Weighs in at the Met. By Joan Downs Pg… 68 More Than Compassion: Judy Strickland, Head Nurse in a Hospital Medical Ward, Struggles with an Almost Impossible Job. Photographed by Grey Villet. Text by Barbara Villet Pg… 76 A LIFE Questionnaire: What Do You Think of Your Medical Care? Pg… 78A Parting Shots: Alger Hiss: “By 80, I’ll be a Respected Man.” By Thomas Moore. Dewi Sukarno: Losing a Book, Gaining a Husband. Rousin’ Rebirth of Rasslin’. Pg… 10 Departments: The Presidency: Thorns Among the Tulips. By Hugh Sidey Pg… 14–22 Departments: Reviews: Cyclops is Appalled by the “Dean Martin Show” Pg… 14–22 Departments: Reviews: Richard Schickel Enjoys “What’s Up, Doc?” Pg… 14–22 Departments: Reviews: Gary Wills on Two Views of Agnew, “Spiro Agnew’s Agnew’s America,” by Theo Lippman Jr., and “White Knight,” by Jules Witcover Pg… 14–22 Departments: Reviews: Marcia Seligson Explains Why the Army is Star–Crossed Pg… 26 Departments: 21 Years Ago In ‘Life’: Eugene Smith’s Great Photographic Essay on Life and Death in a Spanish Village Pg… 31 Departments: Letters to the Editors

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