LIFE Magazine April 8, 1966

LIFE Magazine April 8, 1966 Rhodes Scholar Capt. Pete Dawkins


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Pg… 4 Editorial: The Ecumenical Spirit, Easter, 1966

Pg… 10 LIFE Reviews: Books: Reynolds Price's "A Generous Man," Reviewed by William McPherson; and Kurt Vonnegut Jr.'s "Player Piano" and "Mother Night," Reviewed by R. Z. Sheppard

Pg… 10 LIFE Reviews: Movie: "Born Free," Reviewed by Richard Schickel

Pg… 22 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 25 The View from Here: A Breakthrough in R.S.V.P.–ism. By Loudon Wainwright

Pg… 26 The Red Romance that Went Sour: As World Communist Leaders Gather in Moscow, the Chinese Point Up the Sino–Soviet Alienation by Staying Away

Pg… 36 Death of a Mountain Climber: Five Men Scale Switzerland's Murderous Elger, but a Sixth, an American Who had Premonitions, Slips and Falls

Pg… 38 State Visit by India's Indira

Pg… 43 Cassius Is Fouled?but Wins

Pg… 44 Harold Wilson's Big Election Victory: Britain's Right Honorable Prime Minister is a Right Remarkable Man. By Jim Hicks

Pg… 47 The Unconquerable Quixote: Cervantes' Addled Knight Triumphs on Stage. The Man of Mancha Breaks the Rules. By Tom Prideaux

Pg… 57 Bay State's Color–Blind Candidate: Ed Brooke, a Negro, Runs for the U.S. Senate

Pg… 67 Masha and Dasha: Rare Study of Russia's Siamese Twins

Pg… 72 Fashions with Carnival Flair

Pg… 80A Granddad in the Steeplechase: A 66–Year–Old Horseman Rides in the Perilous Grand National

Pg… 87 'Constructive Alarm' in Gemini 8: The Astronauts' Own Story of an Unscheduled Spin in Space. By Neil Armstrong and David Scott

Pg… 91 Pete Dawkins in Vietnam: West Point's Great Football Star is an Army Captain Who Practiced the Delicate Art of "Advising" South Vietnamese Combat Troops. By Sam Angeloff

Pg… 102 Greatest Train Robbery Legend: Two and a Half Years After the Theft of Two Tons of Money, Britons Still Marvel. By Paul O'Neil

Pg… 116 Eight–Sided Gambol by 'The Group': A Fascinating Film from Mary McCarthy's Tattletale Novel About Vassar Grads

Pg… 124 Miscellany: Hey, Daddy?Remember Me?

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