LIFE Magazine August 1982

LIFE Magazine August 1982 Marilyn Monroe


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Pg… 4 Editor's Note.

Pg… 7 The View from Here: E.T., Don't Phone, Go Home by Loudon Wainwright.

Pg… 9 Camera at Work: Disney Gets Computer Help for Special Effects in the Sci–Fi Film, Tron.

Pg… 17 Letters.

Pg… 19 Portrait: Bryant Gumbel, the Today Show Provides a Khaki Rooster to Wake up to by Tom Shales.

Pg… 22 In the Wasteland of West Beirut: Intimate Glimpses of the City's Ordeal.

Pg… 32 In Search of a Monster: Scientists Get Serious about the Strange Creature Sighted in Lake Champlain.

Pg… 38 Down but Not out in Michigan: and Autoworkers Softball Team in Pontiac Beats the Unemployment Blues.

Pg… 45 Slaphappy Birthday, Philadelphia! Artist Red Grooms Creates a Wild Salute to the 300–Year–Old City.

Pg… 52 The Last Time I Saw a Mariyln (Monroe): Just before Her Death in 1962, Bert Stern Took These Never–Before–Published Photographs

Pg… 62 Physician, Heal Thyself: a Doctor Believes Is Macrobiotic Diet, Cheered His Cancer––by Dr. Anthony Sattilaro & Tom Monte

Pg… 72 The Royal Heirs of Europe: an Exclusive Look at a Dozen Future Monarchs––in Britain's Little William too.

Pg… 80 New England Cooking: Part 3 in a LIFE Series: from Chowder to Blueberry Shortcake by Elinor Graves.

Pg… 90 A Moon–Made Match: Two of the Reverends Disciples Embark on an Arranged Marriage.

Pg… 96 Life around the World: Blacks Take Center Court in Tennis.

Pg… 98 Life around the World: a French Stunt Driver Dies in Marseilles Harbor.

Pg… 100 Just One More. : Cover Photograph by Bert Stern

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