LIFE Magazine August 1997

LIFE Magazine August 1997 The Healing Power of Touch


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Pg… 10 The Big Picture.

Pg… 16 LIFE Goes to the Burning Man Festival: A 40-foot giant and 110° temperature ignite this annual arts spectacle.

Pg… 20 Almanac: All Elvis, all the time, fond memories of the King.

Pg… 31 LIFE Remembers Elvis: Where were you when you heard the news?

Pg… 36 The Way We Live: anymall, U.S.A – Malls are the modern Main Street. At Parmatown, generational rifts, racial tensions and the perfect green miniskirt can all be found under one roof. by Nik Cohn, Photography by Mary Ellen Mark.

Pg… 50 Closeup: Mel Gibson – Even with a hot summer moview, Mad Mel knows how to keep cool. Photography by Jeff Katz, Text by Harriet Barovick.

Pg… 52 Discovery: The Magic of Touch – Massage is serious medicine. Here's how the power of touch brings new art to the healer's craft. by George Howe Colt, Photography by Howard Schatz.

Pg… 64 Journey: The Bolshoi Ballet &ndash Once the darling of the ruling class, the legendary Russian company has restored to Vegas revues to raise money – and its profile. The anatomy of an identity crisis. Photography by Joe McNally, Text by Charles Hirshberg.

Pg… 76 LIFE Special: Our Man in the Manatee – What's it like to be a team mascot&$63; Our writer walks a mile in a sea cow's shoes. By Steve Wulf, Photography by Chris Anderson.

Pg… 86 Camera at Work: India's tranquillity inspires a professional and spiritual awakening.

Pg… 92 Just One More.

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