LIFE Magazine August 4, 1961

LIFE Magazine August 4, 1961 President John F. Kennedy


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Pg… 34 STORY OF THE WEEK: What the President's Speech Means to You: It Means Suspense, Sacrifice and the Will to Fight. Burdens Shared by a Soldier, a General and a Lonely President

Pg… 42 NEWSFRONTS: A Startling Pair of Hug Shots?Latest in Family Fallout Shelters?Backlash from Bizerte?Dag Rudely Rebutted?Soraya's Summer Idyl?Mitzi Gaynor Wows Las Vegas

Pg… 50 EDITORIAL: Untied, We Must Advance

Pg… 56 THE PHOTOGRAPHIC ESSAY: Adventure on a Great River: a 312–Mile Roaring Dunk on a Neoprene Doughnut Down the Colorado

Pg… 66 ARTICLE OF THE WEEK: The Deepest Dive Ever Made: Young Swiss Inventor and a LIFE Editor Use a Secret Method to Set a World's Record. By Kenneth MacLeish

Pg… 78 THE COLOR SPECTACLE: Sun Pleasures and Perils: the Sun Worshiper's Quest for a Good Coat of Tan Leads to Unexpected Danger?Some Scientific Details on the Do' and Don't's of Sunning. Photographed for LIFE by Leonard McCombe and Allan Grant

Pg… 93 ART: A Victorian Idol Who Idolized Animals: Sir Edwin Landseer's Precocious Talent is Rediscovered by Art and Dog Lovers

Pg… 98 DEPARTMENTS: Sequel: a Hero Admits He was Scared: the Astronaut Adds a Fearful Footnote. By Virgil Grissom

Pg… 7 DEPARTMENTS: Special Report: Proceed with Caution: Amid the Big U.S. Push to Lure Foreign Tourists, a Sharp–Eyed Englishwoman Warns Them About Motor Trips. By Jessica Mitford

Pg… 17 DEPARTMENTS: LIFE GUIDE to Indian Ceremonies Across the Country, Books, Movies, Science

Pg… 30 DEPARTMENTS: Letters to the Editors

Pg… 100 DEPARTMENTS: Miscellany: Classic Error: Airborne Exit

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