LIFE Magazine December 18, 1964

LIFE Magazine December 18, 1964 Elizabeth Taylor


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Pg… 4 Editorials: State Governments Better Shape Up

Pg… 4 Editorials: Raggedy Ann: Still Flouncy

Pg… 12 LIFE Reviews: Comment: One Critic's View?in Doggerel?of the Arts in '64. By Felicia Lamport

Pg… 12 LIFE Reviews: TV: Everybody His Own Quarterback. By John R. McDermott

Pg… 12 LIFE Reviews: Movie: S?ance on a Wet Afternoon, Reviewed by Roald Dahl

Pg… 25 Report from Washington: A New LIFE Department

Pg… 26 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 28 The Pope's Visit to India: He Enters the Gateway to Asia as a 'Pilgrim of Peace'

Pg… 34 Day of Accusation in Mississippi: FBI Makes Mass Arrests in the Lynching of Three Civil Rights Workers

Pg… 40 New Cultural Center in Los Angeles

Pg… 40B Death of Vanderbilts' Grande Dame

Pg… 45 Medal of Honor for a Vietnam Hero

Pg… 46A Campus Revolt in California

Pg… 49 Wonders of a Cave Find: A Big Spelunking Jackpot in the Ozarks

Pg… 59 Fashion: Up, Up Go the Skirts: The New Look is the Knee Look

Pg… 66A Red China's Congo Command Post: African Conspiracies are Booming at Peking's Embassy in Burundi. By Roy Rowan

Pg… 68 Notre Dame Gets Mad at a Movie

Pg… 74 Elizabeth Taylor Speaks Out: Her Utterly Candid Commentary on Her Life, Her Work and Richard Burton. Photographed for LIFE by Roddy McDowall

Pg… 86 Mysterious Killer in the Skies: Aviation Experts Seek Safeguards Against Air Turbulence. By Warren R. Young

Pg… 99 Cary Grant Portrays a Beach Bum

Pg… 102 Great Dinners, Part 12: The Splendor of a Pork Crown Roast. By Eleanor Graves

Pg… 108 Miscellany: the Ultimate Car Pool

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