LIFE Magazine December 1981

LIFE Magazine December 1981 Brooke Shields


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Pg… 4 editor's note That.

Pg… 7 The View from Here: chasing away the ghosts of Christmases is passed, by Loudon Wainwright

Pg… 10 Camera at Work: Herbert Migdoll's photographs of Joffrey Ballot

Pg… 25 Letters.

Pg… 37 Portrait: John LeBoutillier, a freshman congressman gives Washington a fat lip by Paul Judge.

Pg… 42 They Do Remember: after 40 years, the attack on Pearl Harbor is still visited to those who were there.

Pg… 55 A Wow in Wales: Princess Diana goes on to her and has an heir in the offing

Pg… 65 Tracking Agent Orange: many Vietnam veterans battle an insidious foe.

Pg… 74 America Is Bittersweet Harvest: agriculture in this country faces a multitude of serious problems.

Pg… 88 From a Smuggled Album: the vanishing Jews in Russia continue their rites in secrecy

Pg… 102 In a Flash of Blades, a Brave New Twist: 16–year–old Elaine Zayak is putting athletics into women's skating.

Pg… 109 Battle of the Bones: the two top paleoanthropologists disagree over man's origins.

Pg… 125 The House of Saud: the most powerful family in the world is described in excerpts from a new book by Robert Lacey.

Pg… 136 Treasurer At 130 Fathoms: $80,000,000 is recovered by space–age gadgetry and a daring group of divers.

Pg… 144 Our Miss Brooke: America Falls for a Million–Dollar Baby by Jennifer Allen.

Pg… 165 Canterbury Cathedral: For 14 Centuries, a Stage for History and Marvels of Stained Glass and Stone

Pg… 181 Kingdom of the River Rats: the Llanos of Venezuela abound with exotic wildlife.

Pg… 193 Life around the World: in Iran that terror continues.

Pg… 194 Life around the World: to the shores of America––and death.

Pg… 196 Life around the World: barnstorming a landmark in Paris.

Pg… 198 Life around the World: these trains were made for flying.

Pg… 200 Just One More. : Cover: photographs by Co Rentmeester

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