LIFE Magazine December 4, 1939

LIFE Magazine December 4, 1939 Dancing California Co-ed U.C.L.A. Homecoming


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Pg… 21 German Mines Give Allied and Neutral Shipping Their Worst Week of the War

Pg… 23 ?Grand Admiral Raeder Is Mastermind of Germany's Hit–Run Naval Strategy

Pg… 26 LIFE on the Newsfronts of the World

Pg… 27 King George Looks Down a New Anti–aircraft Gun

Pg… 28 100 Perish in Fire that Sweeps over Venezuelan Oil Town Built on Piles

Pg… 30 Munich Boor–Hall Blast Is Pinned on a German

Pg… 31 Britain's War Cabinet Has Its Picture Taken

Pg… 32 U.C.L.A. Capers During Alumni Homecoming Week

Pg… 33 Ohio Democrats Stage a Party for Paul McNutt

Pg… 34 10,000 Mob Wedding of Joe DiMaggio & Dorothy Arnold

Pg… 75 U.S. Watches Japanese Policy in the Pacific

Pg… 86 The Pope

Pg… 78 Wright Field–The Army Tests Its Warplanes

Pg… 37 British Postcards Laugh at War

Pg… 71 Germany's Famous Wood Engraver Demonstrates His Art

Pg… 46 "The Time of Your Life"

Pg… 50 John Barrymore's Ad Lib Clowning Wows Chicago

Pg… 57 This Time It's a Circus for the Marx Brothers

Pg… 58 The Girl Whose "Heart Belongs to Daddy" Is Now a Hollywood Star

Pg… 43 Railroads Paint Up

Pg… 60 Clubwomen Get Lessons in Cigaret Smoking

Pg… 64 Columbia Opens Its Laboratories to Put on a Show

Pg… 56 18–Year–Old Secretary Is World's Best Woman Bag–Puncher

Pg… 101 Church of Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, Is Chartered in New York

Pg… 4 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 12 Speaking of Pictures: This Is Mural America for Rural Americans

Pg… 102 LIFE Goes to a Duck Hunt on Cuba Island

Pg… 106 Pictures to the Editors

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