LIFE Magazine December 5, 1938

LIFE Magazine December 5, 1938 Ballerina Yvette Chauvire


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Pg… 13 At Warm Springs President Roosevelt Carves Up a Turkey Instead of a Map

Pg… 18 LIFE on the Newsfronts of the World

Pg… 19 A Chinese Coolie Lunches Amid Canton's Flames

Pg… 20 "Miss Motion Picture", Macy's Monsters

Pg… 21 A Kiss for Sinclair Lewis; A Kick for the British

Pg… 22 The Metropolitan Opera: What Singers Saw on Opening Night

Pg… 24 Duladier Smokes as French Labor Threatens Big Strike

Pg… 25 Turks Weep for Atet?rk; Carol Visios George in Vain

Pg… 26 Christmas: What We Buy, What We Want, What We Hate as Gifts

Pg… 67 An Index of Christmas Gifts Advertised in LIFE

Pg… 72 Billy Phelps of Yale: He Scores a Touchdown for Literature

Pg… 24 "Beachcomber": Laughton Makes a Reverse "Rain"

Pg… 38 Great Laughton Roles on the Screen

Pg… 43 Oscar Wilde's Tragedy Comes to Broadway

Pg… 68 Chicago Choers Littlefield Ballet on New York Society

Pg… 50 "Dead Bird"

Pg… 52 Alaska: Vivid Color in Glacier Country

Pg… 55 Society Girls Sing for their Champagne Supper

Pg… 70 Enormous Statues Stud San Francisco Fair

Pg… 2 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 6 Speaking of Pictures–The Glorified Girls of Yesteryear

Pg… 60 The Strange Case of–Mark Sullivan in Quest of His Youth

Pg… 82 People

Pg… 86 LIFE Goes to a Party–with Every Guest a Hitler

Pg… 90 Pictures to the Editors

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