LIFE Magazine Fall 1988

LIFE Magazine Fall 1988 150 Years of Photography / Pictures that made a difference


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Pg… 2 Publisher's Note.

Pg… 8 The Power of Pictures: Glimpsing our world through an enhanced aperture

Pg… 25 The First Photo.

Pg… 26 Milestones: A look at 150 years of innovation

Pg… 38 Seven Masters: Classic work that has left and indelible imprint

Pg… 47 Playing a Role in History: Images that changed our minds

Pg… 54 The Portrait: How do you capture a human spirit?

Pg… 62 Making Art: Wit and daring push the medium to its limits

Pg… 73 Superlatives: From the priciest print to the most popular pinup

Pg… 76 Taking Aim: Facing the horror of war.

Pg… 86 Beauty's Space: Embracing the elusive essence of the exquisite

Pg… 96 Landmark Cameras: The evolution of the Magic box

Pg… 99 Pioneers: Three wizards of lights, camera and action

Pg… 105 The Future: Video stills get a trial run––and here are the pixels!

Pg… 108 Our Town: A turn–of–the–century trove from a Wellsboro, PA, portrait studio

Pg… 116 Specialists: The singular demands of fashion, sports, advertising and science

Pg… 126 Shame Exposed: Documentary photographers who aimed their cameras in anger

Pg… 133 Confessions of a Paparazzo: How a London lensmen snares slippery celebrities

Pg… 136 A Great Age: Six feisty giants

Pg… 144 A New Breed: Today's top photojournalists

Pg… 153 Cherished Moments: Noted writers nominate their favorite snapshots

Pg… 160 When Seeing Isn't Believing: Is there a photo doctor in the house?

Pg… 162 Going Wild: revealing the astonishment of nature is a labor of fashion––and patience

Pg… 168 Miscellany

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