LIFE Magazine Fall 1991

LIFE Magazine Fall 1991 The Bill of Rights / Bicentennial Special Issue


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Pg… 2 Editor's Note

Pg… 9 A Prologue

Pg… 10 The 10 Amendments Their history, their meaning

Pg… 32 The Other AmendmentThe 14th adds value

Pg… 36 Roots & Radicals The struggle over passage

Pg… 48 The Dark Century by Robert Allen Rutland

Pg… 60 First & Foremost They invoked the First

Pg… 68 Presumed Innocent Oregon public defenders

Pg… 76 A Long Journey The case began on a bus and wound up in the Supreme Court

Pg… 85 Law & Order Police and prosecutors tell how rulings affect them

Pg… 88 The Case for Hate A burning cross becomes a test for St. Paul, Minn.

Pg… 92 The Rights Stuff Alluring addenda about the amendments

Pg… 96 The Advocates Robert Bork and Laurence Tribe face off

Pg… 100 The Activists Nebraskans fight for their rights

Pg… 106 Just One More

Pg… 91 Acknowledgments and Picture Sources

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