LIFE Magazine February 12, 1965

LIFE Magazine February 12, 1965 Communist Guns in Congo


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Pg… 4 Editorials: Foreign Aid is for Help?Not for Cheers

Pg… 4 Editorials: Splendid Victory for "the Concerned"

Pg… 12 LIFE Reviews

Pg… 23 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 25 The Feminine Eye: The Tarnished Buttons. By Shana Alexander

Pg… 26 Arming the Congo Rebels: A Massive Airlift of Russian and Red Chinese Weapons Bolsters the Murderous Simbas and Poses a Dilemma for the U.S. LIFE Correspondents' Eyewitness Reports of the Build–Up

Pg… 34 Honors and Jail for Martin Luther King

Pg… 34B Items in the News

Pg… 37 The All–Fall–Down Dance Craze

Pg… 38 Washington Report

Pg… 41 Resurrection of an Ironclad: The Yankee Gunboat Cairo Sunk at Vicksburg is Raised from the Yazoo River

Pg… 48 Private Life of Primates: Part One of a Two–Part Series Reveals the Surprising Facts Science has Discovered About Apes and Monkeys and Their Social Life

Pg… 63 Interview with Sukarno: He Wants His People to be Steeped in Struggle. By Thomas B. Morgan

Pg… 68 Cadet's Story of Cheating Scandal: An Air Force Cadet Involved in the Mess Gives His Views on Why and How It Happened: The Honor Code Became a Joke

Pg… 74 Bill Zeckendorf's Troubles: The Real Estate Giant is on the Thin Edge as His Grand Plans Go Blooey. By Chris Welles

Pg… 89 Fake Hair Flattery: More and More Women Go for Tack–On Tresses and a Smart Girl Can have Many Pretty Heads

Pg… 93 Young Cassidy: A New Film is Based on the Turbulent Life of Sean O'Casey

Pg… 97 Cassius on the Big Fight: "The Hare was no Rabbit," Says Muhammad Ali as the Heavyweight Champ Writes His Own Report on the Patterson–Chuvalo Contest

Pg… 100 Miscellany: Skier at Cross Purposes

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