LIFE Magazine February 1981

LIFE Magazine February 1981 Windsurfing


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Pg… 4 Editor's Note

Pg… 7 The View from Here On a city sidewalk, facing up to a common risk?by Loudon Wainwright

Pg… 10 Camera at Work Photojournalist Alfred Eisenstaedt visits his homeland

Pg… 18 Letters

Pg… 27 Portrait: Dr. George D. Snell The Maine hunter in white coat?by John N. Cole

Pg… 32 The Ghost Burglar and the Good Doctor Two disparate men meet in a fatal encounter

Pg… 41 Horrifying Views of Italy's Milltown Holocaust

Pg… 46 Too Soon and Too Small The new preemie ward: technology and survival

Pg… 58 Capital Diversions D.C. dances to Nancy Reagan's tune

Pg… 66 Spilled Blood for Atlantic City Gold The Mob uses muscle and murder to go for the jackpot?by Mike Mallowe

Pg… 74 Just Before the End Glimpses of John and Yoko Lennon's private world

Pg… 84 The Evolution of a Painting James Rosenquist spends five weeks on a 46–foot canvas

Pg… 96 Ideally Suited Sexy stripes fashioned for riding the wind Life Around the World

Pg… 102 China's Past Is on Trial, Too

Pg… 106 Sapporo's Serenade in Snow

Pg… 108 It's Not Mice That Fool Mother Nature

Pg… 110 The Inferno This Time in Poland

Pg… 112 Just One More : Cover photograph by Co Rentmeester, inset by Kishin Shinoyama

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