LIFE Magazine February 2000

LIFE Magazine February 2000 Celine Dion: Why I Left It All For Love


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Pg… 12 Editor's Note

Pg… 14 Letters

Pg… 17 Contributors

Pg… 18 The Big Picture High above Rio, a thrill–seeker takes to the air; off the coast of France, an oil tanker goes under; scientists catch the AIDS virus in motion.

Pg… 28 Life Around the World Victims of poaching, the caviar–bearing sturgeons of the Caspian Sea are a most endangered fish. PHOTOGRAPHY BY HANS–JURGEN BURKARD

Pg… 35 Bob Greene The Splendid Splinter, Teddy Ballgame, the Greatest Living Hitter: Ted Williams has gone by many names, all of them well earned.

Pg… 37 Life & Times What's happening this month: Diane Keaton works double duty on her latest movie; Mary Richards returns; there are new kids on the blocks at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

Pg… 38 Monks with an unusual obsession

Pg… 47 Reconcilable Differences Making marriage – especially a "mixed marriage" – work. BY COKIE ROBERTS AND STEVEN V. ROBERTS Plus: Celine Dion, husband Rene Angelii and other couples share their secrets for staying together. BY CLAUDIA GLENN DOWLING ? PHOTOGRAPHY BY DANA FINEMAN–APPEL

Pg… 58 My Life Turned Upside Down After a brutal attack, a newspaper photographer pieces together his existence?frame by frame. TEXT AND PHOTOGRAPHY BY JOHN TROTTER

Pg… 68 Portraits of a Planet A bird's–eye view of Earth's dramatic terrain PHOTOGRAPHY BY YANN ARTHUS–BERTRAND

Pg… 80 Crash Test Firefighters race to rescue crash–test dummies from burning vehicles?and it's all in sport.BY FRANZ LIDZ – PHOTOGRAPHY BY TONY SAVINO

Pg… 84 The Survivor With some help from the U.S. Navy, a rare California butterfly is making a comeback. PHOTOGRAPHY BY DAVID LIITTSCHWAGER AND SUSAN MIDDLETON

Pg… 86 Alterna–Vet Can acupuncture cure what ails your pet – One dogged proponent of holistic medicine says yes. BY CHARLES HIRSHBERG PHOTOGRAPHY BY DAVID BUTOW

Pg… 92 Living in Three Centuries Born in 1899, these six Americans watched our history unfold, and they've got some stories to tell. BY MARY JANE FINE – PHOTOGRAPHY BY NIGEL PARRY

Pg… 100 Just One More Ice dancing, Rockefeller Center – style

Pg… COVER: Celine Dion and Rene Angelil, photographed for LIFE by Dana Fineman–Appel. PICTURE SOURCES are listed by page. Cover: Corbis Sygma; hair, Peter Savic for Cloutier using Redken; makeup, Laura Mercier; styling, Annie Horth, 12: left, Corbis Sygma; hair for Cokie Roberts, Mahin Farley; makeup, Jennifer Maher. 28–32: Saba. 47.56: Corbis Sygma. 48–49: hair, P Savic for Cloutier; makeup, L. Mercier; styling, A. Horth. 50: hair & makeup, Bryan Hollingshead, Campbell Agency, 55: hair & makeup, Amy Chippendale, Elite Chicago. 56: top, hair & makeup, Jeff Gautier, Mark Edward Inc. 86–90: Saba. 92–98: Cpi. LIFE is printed by Perry Judd's Incorporated, Shenandoah Division

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