LIFE Magazine February 22, 1963

LIFE Magazine February 22, 1963 Kessler Twins from Germany


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Pg… 4B Editorial: Latin America: "The Most Critical Area in the World"

Pg… 15 LIFE Guide: How to Become a Coin Collector. Classy Cars, Opera, Baseball Camps

Pg… 19 A Lie Told Out of Love: Special Report by Richard Stolley

Pg… 21 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 24 Murder of Iraq's Despot: Kassem Falls in Blood–Drenched Coup. Nasser Rides High in Violent Arab World

Pg… 30 Arms for Thalidomide Baby: A Deformed Boy Acquires Plastic Hands. A Mother Who Chose Abortion Picks Up the Threads of Her Life

Pg… 32 Panorama of Events: 150,000 Swiss Take to the Ice. A Stranger Startles Washington with an Ominous Valise

Pg… 34 She's Got Tony!: Christine Kaufmann Becomes Mrs. Curtis

Pg… 36 Fiber Glass Flip: A Boing–Boing Vaulting Pole Sets Some Dizzy Records?but are They Valid?

Pg… 41 Khrushchev Says 'Smear': Russians Bicker Over Modern Art

Pg… 47 'School for Scandal': Manners Come to Life in Sheridan Play

Pg… 56 All–American Styles: Folk Art Sets Off New U.S. Fashions

Pg… 65 Charmers in Duplicate: The Kessler Twins Make American Debut

Pg… 72A The 50–Mile Walk: Marines, Kids and a Kennedy Hoof It. Leathernecks Work Up a Lather. By Robert Wallace

Pg… 85 Carol Comes Out: Burnett Scores with Her Funny Face and Talents. By Ernest Havemann

Pg… 97 Watch Out for Dyna–Soar: The Space Glider May Never Get Up. By Albert Rosenfeld

Pg… 104 Miscellany: Embraceable Who?

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