LIFE Magazine February 8, 1960

LIFE Magazine February 8, 1960 U.S. Skiers Train for Olympics

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Pg… 1 Cover: On the slopes of Aspen, Colorado five pretty U.S. skiers warm up for the girls’ Olympic ski team. From left they are Eleanor Bennett, Beverly Anderson, Linda Meyers, Renie Cox and Penny Pitou. All made it except Eleanor. Pg… 34 The Week’s Events: Agony for France ? then a victory. A general with guts takes a gamble for his nation. Pg… 44 : The Week’s Events: From Ike to Shirley Jean: Presidential answer to a Colorado housewife. Pg… 51 : The Week’s Events: The dangerous game of numbers: The missile facts. Pg… 119 The Week’s Events: Salute to a soldier at 80: General MacArthur has two birthday parties. Pg… 46 Editorial: You haven’t seen anything yet. Pg… 65 Articles: A vast new voice for Wagner: The Met lands a great new singer from Sweden ? Birgit Nilsson ? who excels in operas which are famous for hilarious production troubles. By Robert Coughlan. Pg… 138 Last big boss on the U.S. scene: Despite a big local scandal, Chicago’s Mayor Daley will be a Democratic kingmaker. By Keith Wheeler. Pg… 88 Photographic Essays: A lively link to the “Wild Beasts”: Van Dongen recalls the spirited era of bums, madmen and masters. Pg… 128 Photographic Essays: A sweet surplus of pretty princesses: Europe has a bevy of royal eligibles. Pg… 59 Medicine: Harriet’s celebrated show of nerves: The first dissection of a human nervous system is put back on medical display. Pg… 78 Modern Living: Everybody loves pot luck if what’s cooking is a stew: The best recipes from seven lands. Pg… 86 Educaiton: 11 million stamps ? 3 buses: A parish priest works an up–to–date miracle to get the kids to school. Pg… 97 Animals: Gosha, the greatest bear: Moscow’s 500–pound behemoth is a circus performer of prodigious feats. Pg… 103 Books: A wild Irishman’s literary war: A scholar loses out to “hooligans”. Pg… 111 Party: Men’s week in a ladies’ spa is the newest wrinkle in the eternal search for beauty an health. Pg… 125 Theater: On trial: A man and a moral issue. A new Broadway drama about the Civil War probes a soldier’s responsibility to disobey. Pg… 157 Sports: Six pretty girls on skis, the best in U.S. make up the highly promising team for the Winter Olympics. Pg… 16 Other Departments: Speaking of Pictures: Feather–topped girls out–plume the birds.

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