LIFE Magazine January 14, 1966

LIFE Magazine January 14, 1966 Ho Chi Minh and Van Dong


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Pg… 4 Editorials: An Intolerable Strike

Pg… 4 Editorials: Don't Give Up on Peace

Pg… 4 Editorials: The Tired and Listless Jet–Age Blues

Pg… 8 LIFE Reviews: Books: "My Escape from the CIA (and Other Improbable Events)" by Hughes Rudd; "Criers and Kibitzers, Kibitzers and Criers" by Stanley Elkin; Reviewed by Conrad Knickerbocker

Pg… 8 LIFE Reviews: Movie: "A Thousand Clowns," Reviewed by Richard Schickel

Pg… 8 LIFE Reviews: Theater: "Inadmissible Evidence," Reviewed by Tom Prideaux

Pg… 19 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 20 The View from Here: Why Should Open Dealing be Suspect? By Loudon Wainwright

Pg… 22 Peace Proposals for Ho Chi Minh: "I Couldn't Put Wigs on Harriman and Goldberg." By Richard Stolley

Pg… 28 T.W.U. Gets a Half Nelson on New York: Subways and Buses are Stuck

Pg… 38 Modern Monarch on the Peacock Throne: When the Shah of Iran Wills It, Things Happen. By Lee Griggs

Pg… 48 Battle of '66 Prints: Tzaims Luksus Fabrics Take Over with a Sunburst and Win a Coty Award. Photographed by William Bell

Pg… 56 Norman Thomas: Dean of Protest: An Unyielding Crusader at 81, He Carries on a Great American Tradition of Dissent. Photographed by Leonard McCombe. He Goads and Chides the Young. By Sylvia Wright

Pg… 66 Astronauts' Stories of Gemini 6 and 7: "We Were Like a Terrier Playing with a Bone and Nibbling at Them." By Walter Schirra and Thomas Stafford. "We Felt Content, Cozy and Safe and Never Got Bored." By Frank Borman and James Lovell

Pg… 75 A Whirlybird Academy: A 16–Week Cram Course Trains Pilots to Meet Vietnam's Rising Demand

Pg… 78 Beanery Built for Art: Sounds and Smells Fill a Replica of Los Angeles Bar

Pg… 86 Miscellany: Lend Him an Ear

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