LIFE Magazine July 1988

LIFE Magazine July 1988 Boxing Mike Tyson and Robin Givens

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Pg… 4 Publisher's Note.

Pg… 7 Snapshots.

Pg… 17 Interview: Paul Hogan, the Australian actor says it's easy to go from poor to rich.

Pg… 22 Letters.

Pg… 25 The View from Here: The Endless Waves, by Loudon Wainwright.

Pg… 26 Cover: A Couple of Knockouts, champion Mike Tyson and wife, television actress Robin Givens invite you home.

Pg… 32 Speaking of Tyson: Ex–heavyweights offer some friendly advice to the new kid

Pg… 38 The Big Picture: Wars Postscript, Vietnam exports its children

Pg… 40 Update: Czechoslovakia 1968, Dubcek 1988, a bave leader reconsiders his old foe, the USSR, in a rare interview

Pg… 46 Art: Paul Gauguin, the painter of Paradise––Tahiti––wouldn't find it quite the same.

Pg… 73 Bravo: Dash and Me, a blind raider reluctantly learns to trust his seeing–eye dog

Pg… 82 Lockup: "squeeze you like a grape", Georgia's prison boot camp provides tough lessons for young offenders.

Pg… 86 Food: Here Comes the Cake, eight hours' toil––and a paint scraper––are required for the best wedding dessert.

Pg… 90 Winner: Paper Tiger, a seven–year–old builds a better airplane (instructions included).

Pg… 92 Special Report: Crack, what happens when the ruinous drug moves next–door.

Pg… 103 Movies: Stallone Alone, an amazing side of the actor: his art

Pg… 109 Religion: Millennium, celebrating 1000 years of Christianity in Russian.

Pg… 114 Travel: Yen for Paris, Japanese flood into France in our dazzled by the City of Light

Pg… 118 Style: Glassy Eyed, making a spectacle of a famous old LIFE photo : Cover: photograph by Bob Sacha

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