LIFE Magazine July 2, 1971

LIFE Magazine July 2, 1971 Our Indian Heritage

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Pg… 22 Defeat on Everest: Amid Storms and Argument, a Major International Assault Falls Dramatically Apart. By Murray Sayle

Pg… 30 Hawk Into Violent Dove: Dan Elisberg, the Man at the Center of the Controversy Over the Top–Secret Pentagon Papers

Pg… 34 The Mad Golfer: With Snake, Hatchet or Five Iron, Lee Trevino is the Best. By William Bruns

Pg… 6 Editorial: The Pentagon Papers

Pg… 6 Editorial: The Decision to Publish

Pg… 6 Editorial: The Painful Lesson

Pg… 38 A LIFE Special: Our Indian Heritage: The Sacred Places: Sanctified by Legends and Ancient Faith, Mountains, Lakes and Canyons Reflect the Indian Belief in Unity Between Man and Nature. A Photo Essay by Art Kane

Pg… 48 A LIFE Special: Our Indian Heritage: The Custer Myth: The Real Tragedy of the Battle of the Little Bighorn was that it Sealed White Minds Against the American Indian. By Alvin M. Josephy Jr.

Pg… 60 A LIFE Special: Our Indian Heritage: Riches of Indian Art: After Many Years of Neglect, Native American Crafts are Finally Receiving the Praise They Deserve

Pg… 67 A LIFE Special: Our Indian Heritage: A Vision Beyond Time and Place: An Essay by Pulitzer–Prize–Winning Novelist N. Schott Momaday, a Kiowa Indian

Pg… 10 A LIFE Special: Our Indian Heritage: Indian Portraits: A GALLERY of Rediscovered Photographs Taken Early in the Century by Dr. Joseph K. Dixon

Pg… 12–14 Departments: Reviews: Senator George McGovern Comments on Laura Ingalls Wilder, Author of the "Little House" Books for Children, and the Frontier Way of Life

Pg… 12–14 Departments: Reviews: Cyclops Views Chicago TV's "The Underground News"

Pg… 21 Departments: Letters to the Editors

Pg… 68 Departments: Parting Shots

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