LIFE Magazine July 24, 1939

LIFE Magazine July 24, 1939 Ann Sheridan


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Pg… 11 Reliefers Led by Labor Unions Strike Against the U.S. Government

Pg… 14 LIFE on the Newsfronts of the World

Pg… 15 "Squatus" Rises from its Atlantic Grave for 15 Seconds

Pg… 16 The Navy Sounds Taps for Secretary Swanson

Pg… 17 Japanese Strip Britons in Tientsin

Pg… 18 U.S. Publishers Who Flew the Atlantic Return with Assurances of Peace

Pg… 19 Tennis Hits Beauty High at Wimbledon

Pg… 20 Senate Committee Keeps Ban on Sale of Arms to Warring Nations

Pg… 22 Bobby Feller Wins the 1939 All–Star Game

Pg… 64 Ann Sheridan: The Oomph Girl

Pg… 56 Ireland: A New Flag Brings Hope to an Old and Pious Land

Pg… 24 Peter Hurd Paints his Own Ranch in New Mexico

Pg… 31 Cypress Point Golf Course Overhangs the Pacific

Pg… 40 U.S. Government Pays to Teach Smart Collegians to Soar

Pg… 42 Bearded Sulky Driver Trotting Race

Pg… 44 The Brain: Great French Surgeon Removes a Tumor

Pg… 49 ?Cornell Dissects Brains to Find Mechanism of Thought

Pg… 53 Typical Country Preacher Picked to Write Memoirs

Pg… 27 Parabrellas Dominate Country Scene

Pg… 50 The Nursery Is Raided for Nonsensical Songs

Pg… 2 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 4 Speaking of Pictures: Texas Sees Feats of Marksmanship

Pg… 70 LIFE Goes to the Races at Longchamp and Chantilly

Pg… 74 Pictures to the Editors

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