LIFE Magazine July 26, 1963

LIFE Magazine July 26, 1963 Tuesday Weld


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Pg… 4 Editorials: Time to Hear from Goldwater

Pg… 4 Editorials: Time for Diem to Mend His Ways

Pg… 7 End of the Texas Towers: Scenes of Trouble and Tragedy, They Await the Wreckers. Special Report by Evan McLeod Wylie

Pg… 13 LIFE Guide: Lighthouses Worth a Visit on Many U.S. Shores; Loggers' Competition, Plays on Records

Pg… 15 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 18 Folly and Reason 30 Miles Apart: Cambridge, Md. Stumbles Into Racial War While Neighboring Salisbury Finds the Calm Road to Racial Peace

Pg… 26 Big Smile in Moscow: Nikita Khrushchev Warmly Greets Averell Harriman, and Hopes Rise for Nuclear Test Ban

Pg… 28 That Old Devil, Beanball: Giants' Alvin Dark Gets Good and Mad When Pitchers Bean His Batters?and Because the Rules Won't Let Him Retaliate

Pg… 28B Items in the News: Umbrella Salute for a Princess. A Conservative Congressman Shakes the Power Balance in the House. A Haitian Hatchet Man Guns Down a Duvalier Foe

Pg… 31 Watery Art: Seattle Sees a Fountain Sculpture. A Paris Art Show Floats Downstream

Pg… 32 Spare Parts for the Human Body: Recipient of a Lung Transplant Dies, but Surgery Takes a Leap Forward

Pg… 37 Lady in Love with D.C.: Marvella Bayh, the Young Wife of a Freshman Senator, Can't Get Over the Wonderful Life in the Capital

Pg… 47 Big Change in Tuesday Weld: Made Old Before Her Time by Hollywood, the Young Actress Shakes Off the Burden of Precocity

Pg… 52B Saratoga's Racy Century: The Famous Resort Celebrates 100 Years in Which Millionaire Gamblers, Reigning Beauties and Ex–Presidents Trod an Extravagant Stage. By Marshall Smith

Pg… 62 The Amazing Hugo Gernsback: Barnum of the Space Age Sees His Far–Out Scientific Prophecies Coming True

Pg… 71 Gaudy Grand Motels: The New Tourist Stops Provide Service You Never Know You Needed

Pg… 76 Lunts in Their Hideaway: LIFE Goes Calling on the Famous Stage Couple at Their High–Style Wisconsin Home

Pg… 80 Miscellany: Grate?but is it Art?

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