LIFE Magazine July 3, 1964

LIFE Magazine July 3, 1964 Robert F. Kennedy and Kennedy Children


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Pg… 4 Editorial: Why G.O.P. Should Choose Scranton Pg… 8 LIFE Reviews: Books: Seven New Works on the Racial Crisis, Reviewed by Albert Murray Pg… 8 LIFE Reviews: Music: 50 Moments of Great Music, Reviewed by Chris Welles Pg… 8 LIFE Reviews: Movie: Zulu, a Grisly War Film, Reviewed by Paul Mandel Pg… 21 The View from Here: A Very Special Murderer. By Loudon Wainwright Pg… 22 Letters to the Editors Pg… 24 Robert Kennedy’s Week to Reckon: In a Time of Trial, the Attorney General Makes Some Hard Decisions About His Career and His Family. By Robert Ajemian Pg… 32 Mission in Mississippi: As Young Volunteers Join the Civil Rights Struggle in the State, Three of Their Number Disappear Pg… 37 Drugs: How Safe is Safe Enough?: A Flurry Over Birth Control Pills Brings Up Once Again a Grave Medical Dilemma. By Warren R. Young Pg… 45 The See–Through Look: A Big Fashion Fuss Starts Over Transparent Blouses Pg… 52 MacArthur Reminiscences Part IV: Crises Between the World Wars: The Court–Martial of Billy Mitchell, Battle of the Bonus March, an Argument with F.D.R., the Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor. By General Douglas MacArthur Pg… 68 Surfing in Tandem: On a Pacific Beach It’s Swing Your Partners on Boards Built for Two Pg… 72 Great Americans by Houdon: The French Sculptor Left Marble Portraits of the Country’s Founders Pg… 80 New Role for Sinatra–San: Frankie Directs a Movie About the War with Japan Pg… 87 Portuguese Men–of–War!: A Vast Armada of the Nettlelike Creatures Heads Toward Our Eastern Shores Pg… 90 Oldtime Circus Parade: Milwaukee Rolls Out the Gaudy Wagons Pg… 95 Big Bus, the Boxing Behemoth: A 300–Pound Sign Painter is Our Favorite to Win the Tokyo Olympics Pg… 98 Miscellany: Billowing Bucolic Bubble

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