LIFE Magazine July 5, 1963

LIFE Magazine July 5, 1963 Ceremony for New Pope Paul VI


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Pg… 4 Editorials: John's Spirit, Paul's Task

Pg… 4 Editorials: Abigail Adams, Integrator

Pg… 10 LIFE Guide: How to Find History on the Highway; Exotic Fish, Books About Spies

Pg… 14 Odd Reunion at Gettysburg: Half–Century After the Battle, the Blue and Gray Fought Again on Seminary Ridge. Special Report by Robert Wallace

Pg… 18 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 22 Splendor and the New Pope: Color Photographs Show the Start of the Holy Reign of Paul VI. An Assessment of His Career, Character and Promise. By Robert T. Elson

Pg… 30 J.F.K. in Germany: The President Shores Up an Ally and Challenges De Gaulle

Pg… 32 Rising Racial Tide?a Trail of Murder: Across the Land Negroes March in Protest. Mississippi Accuses a Suspect in the Evers Slaying

Pg… 34 Space and Armaments: Khrushchev Proudly Shows Off His Cosmonauts. U.S. Launches Three Polaris Subs. Space Rocket Hitches a Lift. Strange Balloon Goes Aloft

Pg… 34B Arnold Palmer's Stumper: He Tries to Blast Out of a Tree Stump?and Loses the Open

Pg… 34D A Boom Still A–Buildin': FORTUNE'S Outlook Shows the Economy is Going Up, Up, Up

Pg… 39 Scottish Watch–Geese: Alert Fowl Go to Work as Sentries in a Liquor Warehouse

Pg… 45 Unheroic Hero in Fine Film: Paul Newman Does a Faultless Acting Job as Hud, Charmer and Brutal Heel. And He and Joanne Woodward Do a Great Job with Their Marriage. By Peter Bunzel

Pg… 52 A Heritage Must Be Saved: Indiscriminate Destruction Threatens the Beautiful and Noble Architecture of the Country. Photographed by Walker Evans

Pg… 62 Party–Crashing Terrors: Restless Teen–Agers and Lax Parents?and Liquor?Bring a Violent Threat to Suburbia. By Robert Wallace

Pg… 69 Cousins on the Old Sod: A Sturdy People Share the Heritage of a Noted Visitor?President Kennedy. Photographed by Farrell Grehan

Pg… 79 The $15,000 Civil Rights Party: LIFE Goes to a Jam Session at Jackie Robinson's Home

Pg… 82 Miscellany: Charmer's Lead–Pipe Cinch

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