LIFE Magazine July 5, 1968

LIFE Magazine July 5, 1968 The Presidency Special Issue


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Pg… 4 A Job as Big as the Man

Pg… 8 The White House: Where the President Lives and Works

Pg… 11 Birthplaces: The States?and Houses?They were Born in

Pg… 14 Parents: No Rule of Thumb for Raising Chief Executives

Pg… 20 Nomination by Rain Dance: The Rowdy History of National Political Conventions: by Paul O'Neil

Pg… 32 The President's Private Preserve: An Intimate Portfolio: Johnson in the White House: Photographed by Yoichi Okamoto: Text by Hugh Sidey

Pg… 51 His Power?Real and Ritual: The Need for Change to Meet Change: by James MacGregor Burns

Pg… 62 Ghost Writers: Phrasemakers Behind the Phrases: by Roger Butterfield

Pg… 67 Outside the Office: A Battery of Sidelights?F.D.R. at Campobello, First Ladies, Presidents on the Presidency, the Great Men Golfing, T.R. in Love

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