LIFE Magazine June 1998

LIFE Magazine June 1998 What Makes a Good Doctoer / Practicing Medicine the Old-Fashioned Way


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Pg… 48 PRACTICING MEDICINE, the newfangled, old–fashioned way. Photography by Lyndon Johnson

Pg… 65 ALBINISM, seen through the eyes of fashion photographer Rick Guidotti

Pg… 70 THE COMIC of the century, still swinging at the age of 95(Bob Hope). Photography by Harry Benson.

Pg… 78 AMBER WAVES of grain, grapes, cotton and more: a birds eye view, photography by Yann Arthus–Bertrand

Pg… 88 BREAKING NEWS from the uncanny world of parapsychology, photography by Carrie Batson.

Pg… 104 LIFE – AND – DEATH struggles for a mother and her cubs in polar bear country.

Pg… 106 REMEMBERING the horrific 1904 sinking of the General Slocum, photographed by Jill Peters

Pg… 10 EDITOR'S NOTE. Good doctors make personal connections with patients.

Pg… 12 OUR READERS weigh in on genetics, great photography and the meaning of life.

Pg… 18 THE BIG PICTURE, buying freedom in Sudan; carving out a memorial in South Dakota; building morale in Korea.

Pg… 34 TRIBUTE, a farewell to Paul McCartney's wife of 29 years, his lovely Linda.

Pg… 36 ESSAY and eyewitness looks back at Robert F. Kennedy's murder, dirty years later. Photography by Harry Benson.

Pg… 114 A YEAR IN THE LIFE Father's Day photos of a baby daughter's first 12 months. Photography by Richard Baker.

Pg… 116 PAST LIFE, Memorial Day, 1941: club women gather to kick off a wartime aluminum drive : Cover photograph by Lynn Johnson

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