LIFE Magazine March 12, 1971

LIFE Magazine March 12, 1971 Laos Land Mine Explosion Vietnam War


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Pg… 20 The War in Laos: Exclusive Photographs and an Eyewitness Report of the Invasion by Akihiko Okamuira. Five Types of Helicopters, Essential to the Invasion

Pg… 32 Carving Out Israel's New Frontiers: Wherever the Bulldozers are at Work, the Israelis are Likely to Stay. By Milton Orshefsky

Pg… 44 Editorial: We Need a New Asia Policy

Pg… 46 A Tough New Coach for the U.S. Ski Team: Willy Schaeffler Intends to Win in the 1972 Olympics

Pg… 50 Sister Fuzz: An Illinois Nun Turns Cop to Help Young Drug Addicts and Runaways

Pg… 52 The Waterbed Squishes In: How a Starchy Chair Became a Splashy Mattress. An Account of Its Other Uses by William Zinsser

Pg… 56 'I Have Nothing To Do with Justice': A Brilliant and Cynical Lawyer Wins Freedom for Thousands of Muggers, Rapists and Thieves. By James Mills

Pg… 70 An Old French Postman's Dream: Fifty Years Ago a Lonely Villager Built a Bizarre Palace of Fantasy in His Backyard. Now It is a National Monument

Pg… 2B Departments: The Presidency: They Came Looking for Money. By Hugh Sidey

Pg… 6 Departments: Gallery: Burk Uzzle Captures the Bleak Beauty of Sand Dunes

Pg… 10–12 Departments: Reviews: Tom Prideaux Reviews Claire Bloom in Two Ibsen Plays

Pg… 10–12 Departments: Reviews: "Bound to Violence," a Novel by Yambo Ouologuem About Africa Today, Reviewed by Webster Schott

Pg… 10–12 Departments: Reviews: Albert Goldman on Pop Singers James and Livingston Taylor

Pg… 18A Departments: Letters to the Editors

Pg… 74A Departments: Parting Shots: In the Senate, It's All in the Family

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