LIFE Magazine March 17, 1972

LIFE Magazine March 17, 1972 Dropout Wife Wanda Adams


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Pg… 6 The Beat of Life: Trout Fising in Missouri. Two Rescues, One Successful. A Ski Spectacle

Pg… 34B Dropout Wife: A Seattle Woman Who Walked Out On Her Family is Part of a New Class. Photographed by Michael Mauney

Pg… 46 Journey Back to Another China: Old China Hand Theodore H. White Visits the Land of Mao

Pg… 55 'I Promise You, It Will Be All Right': The Dilemma of a Friend's Dying. By Joan Barthel

Pg… 67 Cradle of Life: The Rich and Beautiful Spawning Ground of the Tidal Marshes. A Photographic Essay by Henry Groskinsky. Text by Adrian Hope

Pg… 76 The Changing of Cher: A Shaggy–Haired, Barefooted, Blue–Jeaned Hippie Singer Becomes an Old–Fashioned Sex Symbol

Pg… 81 Parting Shots: The Irving Indictments. Welcome to the New Four–Day Army Hitch. By Michael Durham

Pg… 12 Departments: The Presidency: The Visit to Mao's House. By Hugh Sidey

Pg… 16–23 Departments: Reviews: Cyclops on Kurt Vonnegut's TV Potpourri "Between Time and Timbuktu"

Pg… 16–23 Departments: Reviews: Richard Schickel on "Gumshoe," a Liverpool Chandler

Pg… 16–23 Departments: Reviews: Thomas N. Carmichael Reviews Two Books About Mutiny: "Voyage to the First of December" by Henry Carlisle and Neil Sheehan's "The Arnheiter Affair"

Pg… 16–23 Departments: Reviews: Albert Goldman on Bobby Dylan

Pg… 28 Departments: 15 Years Ago In 'Life': Nixon, Nkrumah and the Duchess of Kent in Ghana

Pg… 33 Departments: Letters to the Editors

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