LIFE Magazine March 1996

LIFE Magazine March 1996 The Happiest Whale in the World / Free Willy


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Pg… 10 The Big Picture: a Tragic First for Philadelphia; down South, Formalwear Is Way Cool; Brazil Undergoes an Identity Crisis.

Pg… 18 Portrait: Tufts–Talking Mayor Rudy Giuliani Snows New Yorkers.

Pg… 30 Almanac: the Bubble Never Burst for a TV Maestro; in Midwest Mom Who Was in a League of Her Own; the Bitter – and Endless – Fruits of War.

Pg… 20 Life Goes to…: Want to Know How to Create a Better World? Just Ask Mikhail Gorbachev, George Bush and – yup – Shirley Maclaine

Pg… 98 Pictures to the Editor.

Pg… 100 Just One More. : Cover Photograph by Michael Melford, Inset Joe McNally

Pg… 38 Journey: Eager to Leave the Past behind, Adventurers and Mercenaries Marched through the Gates of Hell into a World Still Cloaked in Mystery and Romance: Life in the Ranks of the French Foreign Legion.

Pg… 52 LIFE Special: the Plight of an Orca Known As Willie Inspired a Flood of Support. After a Two–Year Struggle, the Gentle Giant Is Almost Home.

Pg… 74 LIFE 60 Years: We Swooned over Liz Taylor, Roared at Lucille Ball, Marveled at the Gifts of Laurence Olivier, Hooray for Hollywood: a Photographic Salute to the Denizens of Tinseltown.

Pg… 70 Discovery: Long before Madonna Tweaked America's Moral Code, Bad Girls and Good Girls Existed Side–By–Side. A Thoroughly Modern Exhibit of Ancient Greek Art.

Pg… 60 The Way We Live: Born 14 Weeks Early, Tiny Natalie Abrams Hovered between Life and Death. Blood Ties Made the Difference

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