LIFE Magazine March 2, 1959

LIFE Magazine March 2, 1959 Princess Pignatelli Fashion


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Pg… 22 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: The Affairs of State Become a Team Operation as the Department Makes Do Without Its Do–It–Yourself Chief. Photographed for LIFE by Hank Walker

Pg… 28 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: A Look at the World's Week

Pg… 30 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: Ike in a Sunny Setting: the President Makes Friends with His Mexican Counterpart in a Stunning Beach Resort

Pg… 36 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: Labor in a Sunny Setting: C.I.O.–A.F.L. Leaders Play and Work at Their Convention in Puerto Rico and Draw a Gibe from Ike

Pg… 41 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: For Cyprus and NATO, a Big Step Ahead: Greeks and Turks Meet in London and Sign Pact that Promises Peace and Independence

Pg… 38 EDITORIALS: Where Terror Reigns

Pg… 38 EDITORIALS: Where Conscience Rules

Pg… 56 PHOTOGRAPHIC ESSAYS: Kuwait: the Fabulous Sheikdom. Flood of Oil Brings Wealth and Worry to Sandy Realm as the Ominous Hand of Nasserism Threatens Its Independence. Photographed for LIFE by Joseph McKeown

Pg… 81 PHOTOGRAPHIC ESSAYS: New Styles on Best Dressers: Noted Europeans Model Own Choices from Current Collections. Photographed for LIFE by Mark Shaw

Pg… 90 PHOTOGRAPHIC ESSAYS: A Superb Survivor of the Virtuosos: Arthur Rubinstein Leads a Rich Musical and Personal Life. Photographed for LIFE by Dmitri Kessel and Pierre Boulat

Pg… 96 ARTICLE: Innocent Landlubbers in a Piratical Fiasco: Two Hapless Awning Salesmen on a Stolen Schooner Survive a Terrifying Trip Across the Raging Atlantic. By Evan McLeod Wylie

Pg… 47 BOOKS: Long Run for Society Sister Act: the Beautiful Morgan Twins Look Back on Their Amazing Careers

Pg… 69 MOVIES: A Fame that was all Too Brief: German Actress Loses Big Role After Only Two Days in Hollywood

Pg… 75 TELEVISION: Now You Don't "See It Now." Ed Murrow, TV's Star and Sharp Critic, Takes Year Off

Pg… 78 DANCE: New York Says Tsk Tsk at African Ballet Attire

Pg… 113 PARTY: A Pro Manager, 11, Does Thriving Business Running Birthday Parties

Pg… 10 OTHER DEPARTMENTS: Letters to the Editors

Pg… 20 OTHER DEPARTMENTS: Speaking of Pictures: Sights Through a Peephole

Pg… 76 OTHER DEPARTMENTS: Sequel: the Sober Retrial of a Cuban Killer

Pg… 116 OTHER DEPARTMENTS: Miscellany: the Seat of Higher Learning

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