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Pg… 11 Naked Force Wins Hitler's First Imperial Conquest

Pg… 14 ?and England Girds to Meet Force with Force

Pg… 16 LIFE on the Newsfronts of the World

Pg… 17 Winchell Listens in on the Vice President and No. 1 G–Man

Pg… 18 Oppenheim Has His Literary Agent Arrested; France Entertains Arab Chieftains

Pg… 19 New Orchid Named Brenda Makes Debut; Germany's "Perfect Nazi Woman" Meets England's "Keep Fit Girl"

Pg… 20 Ancient Locomotive Meets Modern Giant at World's Fair

Pg… 21 Princess Elizabeth Puts on Long Stockings for a Wedding

Pg… 22 The U.S. Enjoys Its Biggest Shipbuilding Boom Since the World War

Pg… 24 Leaky Florida Lake Vanishes Into Underground Caves

Pg… 61 His Excellency, Bill Bullitt: The Life of an American Ambassador to France

Pg… 58 Finest Art in U.S. Goes to Illinois for Small–Town Show

Pg… 55 Businessman Discovers a Powder Which Will Cool a Can of Beer in a Minute

Pg… 35 Pliofilm Keeps People Dry, Food Moist

Pg… 39 A Lady Shows Men How to Dress

Pg… 40 Paris Tries to Bring Back the Bustle

Pg… 27 "The Castles"

Pg… 32 WPA's "Pinocchio"

Pg… 45 Bird–Dog Trails in Tennessee

Pg… 48 Michigan Hunters Shoot 500 Crows

Pg… 73 Cadle of Indianapolis Streamlines Evangelism

Pg… 2 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 6 Speaking of Pictures: Dr. Holz Analyzes Handwriting

Pg… 78 LIFE Goes to the Races With Peewee Drivers of World's Smallest Cars

Pg… 82 Pictures to the Editors

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