LIFE Magazine May 18, 1959

LIFE Magazine May 18, 1959 Jimmy Hoffa Teamsters Union


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Pg… 30 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: The Power and the Danger of Tough Jimmy Hoffa's Union: LIFE Begins a Three–Part Series on the Teamsters and Their Head Who Boasts: "I'm the Boss of an Outfit that Wins." Photographed for LIFE by Hank Walker

Pg… 47 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: A Look at the World's Week

Pg… 53 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: An Unmilitary May Day in Moscow: with Summit Near, Reds Soft–Pedal Weapons and Play Up Peace

Pg… 42 EDITORIALS: A Fine Play Reveals a Need

Pg… 42 EDITORIALS: Let's Cut the Price of Steel

Pg… 86 PICTORIAL ESSAYS: How the West Was Won: Conclusion. A Promised Land Finds Fulfillment. "My Husband Helped Tame the West": Lawman's Wife Tells the Story of a Brave Marshal. By Zoe A. Tilghman

Pg… 124 PICTORIAL ESSAYS: The Ageless Story of Job's Ordeals is Told in J.B., Archibald MacLeish's Pulitzer–Prize Play. Photographed for LIFE by Arnold Newman

Pg… 135 PICTORIAL ESSAYS: In Three Articles Eminent Theologians Discuss J.B.

Pg… 59 MOVIES: Brigitte Bardot Takes a Baby–Faced New Beau

Pg… 69 SPORTS: As Big Ump Speak with Forked Tongue, Mad Cleveland Indians Pile Up Wins

Pg… 76 SCIENCE: 100–Balloon Jaunt Helps French Scientist Scan Venus

Pg… 116A FASHION: Big Buzz Over Bowlers in Britain and the U.S.

Pg… 123 TELEVISION: A Mugger?but So's His Old Man: Mickey Rooney's 9–Year–Old Son Teddy Appears on TV

Pg… 141 ANIMALS: Yes?Its Head is Upside Down: an Owl Proves Itself a Talented Contortionist

Pg… 147 EDUCATION: Chiang's Grandchild as a Coed: Amy Hsiao–Chang Chiang Quickly Fits in as an Undergraduate at Mills College in Oakland, Calif.

Pg… 155 TRANSPORTATION: A Postman Rolls Through His Rounds on Skates

Pg… 157 PARTY: From Dartmouth to Sea by Canoe: College Boys Paddle 218 Miles to Keep Up 200–Year–Old Tradition

Pg… 12 OTHER DEPARTMENTS: Speaking of Pictures: Color Pictures with Special Cameras Give a Rare Look at the Derby

Pg… 21 OTHER DEPARTMENTS: Letters to the Editors

Pg… 164 OTHER DEPARTMENTS: Miscellany: Knowing Nose for a Narcissus

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