LIFE Magazine May 1982

LIFE Magazine May 1982 Laser Medicine / Princess Diana Pregnancy


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Pg… 4 Editor's Note.

Pg… 7 The View from Here: a Little Banning Is a Dangerous Thing by Loudon Wainwright.

Pg… 8 Camera at Work: Discs, TV, Chips, Quadruple Lenses and Other Fancy New Equipment.

Pg… 18 Letters.

Pg… 27 Portrait: Garrison Keillor, Making Radio Waves in the Heartland by Paul Judge.

Pg… 34 The Nuclear Industry Begins to Die.

Pg… 46 The Diet Book Binge: Six Rich Authors Who Are after Your Body.

Pg… 54 Saturday Night in El Barrio: Gang Violence Spills onto the Streets of LA.

Pg… 61 The Final Days of Harrison Williams: a US Senator Was AbScam'S Biggest Catch by Robert Sam Anson.

Pg… 74 Agony of the Oar: Another Season Begins for Rowing, the Most Grueling Sport on Campus.

Pg… 83 Boone Means Business: New York's Hottest Art Dealer at the Moment Is 30–Year–Old Mary Boone.

Pg… 91 The Mini Strikes Again: Short Skirts Get a Tryout on a Baseball Diamond in Florida.

Pg… 96 A New Soap Opera Makes "Capital" of Politics, Power and Sex.

Pg… 105 How Fares the Royal "Bump": a Highly Visible Pregnancy of the Princess of Wales.

Pg… 115 Shooting Past 80: Six Great Photographers Born in the 19th Century Are Still Going Strong.

Pg… 129 Scalpels of Light: Virtuoso Lasers Zap Cancer Cells and Perform Other Delicate Surgical Jobs.

Pg… 136 Life around the World: Murder Victims or Casualties of War?

Pg… 138 Life around the World Three Buttinsys and How They Did It

Pg… 140 Life around the World: Target: the Queen.

Pg… 142 Just One More: an Ailing Henry Fonda Fondles His Oscar. : Cover Photographs by AlexanderTsiaris

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