LIFE Magazine May 1990

LIFE Magazine May 1990 The Miracle of TREES


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Pg… 6 Moments in LIFE

Pg… 21 Notes from the Interior, Barylambda Times

Pg… 22 Letters

Pg… 26 Trees, On Earth Day we honor one of the planet's most vital and imperiled inhabitants

Pg… 28 Introduction

Pg… 32 From the Roots up, A history of trees and man

Pg… 36 American Beauties, An Arbored Pictorial

Pg… 52 Save the Old Woods, The bitter war over our primeval heritage

Pg… 62 Secrets of the Forest, Seeing the universe in a suburban Atlanta preserve

Pg… 69 Why We Care, If a tree falls in the forest, we must listen

Pg… 72 Faces of Baseball, An ex–pitcher's lens focuses on our bubble gum card heros

Pg… 119 Dylan's New Heart, A mother's love and a father's faith save a dying child

Pg… 137 20 Years ago in LIFE Kent State

Pg… 144 Hell in High Water, The Whitbread race, Yachting's demolition derby

Pg… 154 Parting Shot

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