LIFE Magazine May 1992

LIFE Magazine May 1992 Good Night Johnny Carson


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Pg… 6 A NOTE FROM THE EDITOR Pg… 8 MOMENTS IN LIFE Pg… 18 LETTERS Pg… 23 OUR TIMES Pg… 30 Trouble in Paradise The lush tropics of Hawaii are on the verge of environmental disaster by Stephen Harrigan Pg… 38 Good Night, Johnny Has it really been 30 years? And could Johnny Carson really be retiring? by Calvin Trillin Pg… 49 Mother Love A single woman keeps two babies alive with a special kind of treatment by Barbara Maddux Pg… 58 The Queen Carries On Her kids can be a royal pain, but on the 40th anniversary of her accession Elizabeth II is still awfully good at her job Pg… 71 Tree of Hope Is the “miracle drug” Taxol, extracted from the ancient yew tree, the answer to a cancer patient’s prayers? by Tom Junod Pg… 80 What Made Her Stop? Her camera captured people’s souls, but Marion Post Wolcott needed to discover her own by Paul Hendrickson Pg… 91 SNAPSHOT My Perfect Paris by Judith Krantz Pg… 92 JUST ONE MORE : Cover photograph by Harry Benson Inset: Steven C. Wilson/Entheos

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