LIFE Magazine May 28, 1971

LIFE Magazine May 28, 1971 Chris Brown in Jesus Christ Superstar


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Pg… 20B ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’: A Wrenching Rock Opera Translates the Ancient Story of Christ’s Passion Into a Modern Idiom. Photographed by David Douglas Duncan Pg… 28 Mount Etna Turns Nasty: The Volcano they Call “the Big Good–Natured One” Erupts Seriously. By Dora Jane Hamblin Pg… 32 A Sister’s Gift of Life: Little Maurice Elias Undergoes a Dramatic Bone Marrow Transplant that Rescues Him from Certain Death. New Discoveries About the Way Immunity Works, by Marion Steinmann Pg… 4 Editorials: Justice and the Panthers Pg… 4 Editorials: A Little Help for the Wounded Pg… 56 Black/White Dating: A Growing Social Phenomenon Brings with it Special Problems of Its Own. Text by Joan Downs. Photographed by Michael Mauney. A National Poll on the Subject by Louis Harris and Associates Shows that While Tolerance of Interracial Pairings is Gaining, Many Doubts Remain Pg… 68 The Dare–to–Be–Great Man: Super–Huckster Glenn Turner Builds an Empire on a Slogan. By Thomas Thompson. Photographed by Charles Moore Pg… 80 Man That Needle!: A Husky Crew of Stitchers Invades the Sewing Circle Pg… 85 Packing Up the SST: After a Bid for Reprieve, a Costly U.S. Project Heads for Oblivion. But will there be a “Concorde” in Our Future? A Report by William A. McWhirter Pg… 6 Departments: Gallery: A Timeless Glimpse of China by Frank Fischbeck Pg… 8–14 Departments: Reviews: Cyclops Eyes Professional Basketball on TV Pg… 8–14 Departments: Reviews: Neville Maxwell’s Revisionist History of “India’s China War,” Reviewed by Charles Elliott Pg… 8–14 Departments: Reviews: Victor S. Navasky on “The Advance Man” by Jerry Bruno and Jeff Greenfield Pg… 8–14 Departments: Reviews: Albert Goldman on the Rock Band Named “Chicago” Pg… 20A Departments: Letters to the Editors

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