LIFE Magazine November 1979

LIFE Magazine November 1979 U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy

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Pg… 6 Editor’s Note Pg… 9 Windows A Dancer’s Best Friends Pg… 14 Letters Pg… 23 Portrait: Yasser Arafat Pg… 28 High Noon for the Democrats Carter and Kennedy face off Pg… 39 Solzhenitsyn: His Farewell to Russia An exclusive excerpt from his new book Pg… 53 The Bald Bird Lives! Pg… 61 A Nurse Who Doctors, Too Pg… 70 Olympic Warm–up Fashions Pg… 78 Famous Britons Still Have a Look All Their Own Portraits by American photographer Arnold Newman Pg… 88 Fosse’s Ego Trip All That Jazz is a choreographer’s film fantasy Pg… 100 Here’s the Church, but Where Are the Steeples? New York’s St. John the Divine is rising again Pg… 108 The Barbie Doll Turns 21 Pg… 117 Going, Going, Gone The U.S. auction business thrives Pg… 125 Two Games for Ed “Too Tall” Jones Pg… 129 Regine Reigns as the Diva of Disco Pg… 134 Cloud Land of the Spirits Tibet’s ancient rituals flourish in neighboring lands Pg… 144 Gold Frenzy Pg… 149 Jane Fonda’s Road Show Mr. & Mrs. Tom Hayden stump around the clock Pg… 157 The MX Shell Game Transforming nuclear missiles into moving targets Pg… 162 Life Around the World And They Haven’t Got a Clue Pg… 164 Life Around the World A Man Who Touched Our Conscience Pg… 168 Life Around the World A Face in the Crowd Pg… 170 Sudden Save from a Killing Leap Pg… 172 Just One More

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